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Maintenance and Development of a “Common Generic Parametric Objects Library” by and for the installation sector. For Autodesk Revit and other BIM Modelling platforms.

  • As a client, we are responsible for the facility management of ± 180 buildings. We are currently mostly building Build&Design with minimum BIM requirements for the time being. This does mean, however, that, as in a traditional tendering procedure, we rarely have the same combination of designer-contractor-subcontractors and the models supplied are very diverse in structure. Agreements are made at the start of a project, but it is not evident that these can be realised through the use of (Revit) objects of very different origins, among other things. This forces us to either make an import/export specification each time to get the information in the model exchanged with our FMIS system and/or we have to standardise the model to our internal standards. Both are time-consuming and costly and can partly be avoided by the use of standardised content. I welcome any standardisation initiative on condition that it ultimately leads to a single standard that is somehow also legally enforceable.
    Provincie Limburg
    Willy Vanelderen - BIM Manager Facilitair Bedrijf

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